I like to read the story of Nehemiah. Nehemiah knew that the rebuilding of Jerusalem had stalled.  About 40,000 Jews were in the City, but they had struggled to make any progress.  Nehemiah was sent home by the King of Persia with the instruction to rebuild the City.


Nehemiah saw his role as putting heart in the people, who were in despair . They feared the army of Samaria, with good reason.

But Nehemiah told them that the King was with him, and God was with the people.  The King of Persia had pledged support, and God would bless the work.


The people rose up when they heard his words, and they began to build.  The greatest achievement was the Wall, which was completed in two months.


I like this story, as I have lost heart in my own purpose.  I too wanted to rebuild my life after mental illness.  But I often despaired.

I lost heart in the whole thing.


I realise now that I should never lose heart, as it is important that I try to rebuild my life.



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