In the family

Mental illness runs in the family.  There seems to be an underlying immaturity, which starts out as a simple problem, but does not remain that way.


We tend to get left behind by our peer group, resulting in isolation.  This has caused some members of the family to drink, as this helps them to feel at their ease in social situations.


Alcoholism is also part of our lives, and supporting those who have developed this problem.


Below are questions that I have been asked in the past.

Q. How do you help yourself?

One way is to spend time with people who are mature, as this might ‘rub off’ on me.

I also observe those who are mature, and try to learn from them.


Q.  Are you autistic?

No, but I do seem to share a lot of characteristics with those who are.


Q.  Perhaps you are autistic, and do not know, or need to be diagnosed?

Again, I do not think so.  Though I do feel an affinity with those who are, and feel I can understand Autism.


Q.  Are you on the spectrum?

I don’t think I am on the spectrum.


Q.  How did this all lead to Depression?

Partly through denial.  I resented being different from my peers, and wasted a lot of energy trying to fit in and make friends.


Q.  How did you recover from Depression?

With great difficulty.  I still have episodes.  I used anything I could find, like Yoga, music, healthy food, exercise, and somehow defeated Depression.


Q.  Did you find a Therapist who could help you?

No, but Therapists are not trained in or even aware of my problems.   They do not understand immaturity, or the impact of this on a teenager, young adult, and then adult.  They would not understand my difficulties, or how to advise me.


Q.  What about someone who helps Autistic people?

I did think of that, but I heard tales of Autistic people struggling to find care, and I walked away from that plan.


Q.  How easy is it to deal with this alone?

Very difficult, some days I even think it is impossible.  But I keep going because I want my life to improve.




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