What should I aim for?


  • Mental health;
  • the best version of myself I can be;
  • to stay out of hospital;
  • to help my family;
  • to develop myself, and challenge myself to grow and learn;
  • to learn  lessons from my experience of mental illness;
  • to keep the house clean;
  • to sign up for courses, and try to learn more;
  • to read books which might open my mind;
  • to search for teachers like Louise Hay, who might teach me things that would help in my self-improvement;
  • to forgive those who have wounded me along the way;
  • to do no harm.

On some days, I have made no plans for the future at all, and have not left my room.

I know that is the nature of Depression.


We are overwhelmed, and cannot get anything done on those bad days.


But sometimes, I feel differently.  I would like to have goals.  I would like to move on.  I would like to be a better person.



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