The Jews had returned home from Babylon, and attempted to rebuild the City.  After 50 years, the wall was still in ruins.


Nehemiah gained permission from the King of Persia to return to the City.  At night, he travelled around the Wall, and saw the devastation for himself.


Then he told the people they must rebuild.  The Wall was completed in two months.

The Wall was important, as the City must be protected from enemies and wild animals.


Why was the Wall in ruins?

When the Jews returned from Babylon, they had despaired.  It seemed impossible that they would manage to rebuild the ruined City.  They had few resources, and faced hostility from their enemies.


Nehemiah tried to show them that they were not alone, the King of Persia had pledged support.  He also told them that they were God’s people.  He would protect them.


Nehemiah gave the people faith.

When I read this story, I can relate.  I recovered from mental illness, but I have faced a long rebuilding process.  I can relate to the  problems of the Jewish people as they tried to rebuild a ruined City.

I can understand why Nehemiah was so important.   He urged them on, he gave them hope.




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