The Fight

When engaged in the fight with mental illness and all that entails, it can become your life.

For many years, this was my life.  I fought mental illness all day.  A good day, a success, was a day in which I kept moving, tried to be useful.


I understand my motivations.  I did what I thought was best.  I needed to tackle mental illness.  I needed to stay on my feet, and avoid Hospital.

But I did not develop myself as a person.


Self-development went on the back burner.  As it will be, if we are fighting illness.  If every atom of out being is called on to help us to survive.


However, recently, I have felt new emotions.  I wish I had spent more time developing myself.


I wish I had considered my talents, my potential.

When we are depressed, we do not recognise that we have talents, or potential.

But we do have those things, everyone does.  All those people who have been diagnosed with Depression are not just that label,..they have potential.

Today, I want to change the way I see myself.  I want to challenge myself in new directions.



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