Over the years I have learned to protect myself.

One difficulty is, people who are trained counsellors, but have little experience with mental illness.


They approach me, even in the town, and tell me that they heard I ‘have depression’.

They ‘can help’.  I have experience of this, and have made poor choices in the past.

The difficulty is, a person may be trained and good at counselling other people, but a psychiatric illness is very different.

In a way, they can help with relationships, and other worries, but someone who has a psychiatric illness needs specialised counselling.


They also talked about me, and I lost all confidentiality.

Now I go to a Charity who are trained to help people who have Depression.

I know I have made mistakes in the past, and trusted people because I thought they could help.  But the truth is, unless they have been trained in psychiatric illnesses, they cannot help.

They do not understand why we have been in a hospital, or why we struggle to be motivated.

I still have to protect myself.  Only last week, someone approached me in the town, and started to ask me about my mental illness, and to say that they could recommend a counsellor.

I know the type of counsellors they mean, and it would mean contact with people who have no experience of mental illness.

They would only do more harm than good.




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