(This is a post which mentions prayer and religion.)

Is God present in mental illness?

When I first became ill, I thought God was angry with me.  He wanted to punish me, and I had done something wrong.

I told this to my parents, and also to the doctors.

They all laughed at the idea.


Mental illness is so dark, that it is hard to believe that God is still here, by our side.

I lost my faith for a while.

But I found my way back.


I think God taught me a lot.  He taught me about

  • vulnerability,
  • compassion,
  • that other people are in pain, and they need a friendly smile and comfort.

He taught me to spend at least some time each day talking to him.


He taught me to pray anyway, even if there was no answer, even if I did not believe.


I learned a lot, and I think that God was there, even though I was frightened of mental illness, and I believed that God had abandoned me.




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