(This is a post which mentions prayer and religion.)

I have prayed a lot over the years, and I wanted to be answered.

Sometimes, I was given an answer, but at other times there was no response.

I also have had prayers answered, but years after I made the first prayer.


I have often prayed with a sense of urgency, and I needed an answer.  It was very difficult when I did not receive help.

I asked God to set me free from mental illness.  He did, but not immediately.  This took years, and even then, I discovered that mental illness still would play a part in my life.

This disappointed me, and I struggled to adjust to the new scenario.


I also prayed for a good Therapist, but God never sent anyone that I could rely on.  Instead, I had series of disappointments.


I spend a lot of time wondering why some prayers are left unanswered.  I want to believe that God loves us, but why would He allow such suffering in our lives?


I have been bewildered after prayer, and I have also  resigned myself to the lack of response.  I have spent a lot of time wondering why I have received no answer, or why God would allow certain things to happen in my life.


I do struggle with faith.  I do want a better relationship with God.

When I feel this way, I read the Bible as I like the stories.

Or I read about the lives of the Saints.



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