Growing up

I think my illness may have been caused by immaturity.

Questions you may ask:

How could anyone become depressed just because they are immature?

I could not keep up with my peer group, and became isolated.


There are other things which accompany immaturity, for example, dependency.

There is a struggle to build relationships outside of the family home.

Being isolated, dependent, unable to create a persona and connections outside of a family setting,.. all this can add up, create pressure, and lead to depression.



Q. How did you overcome depression?

I had to accept my immaturity, and create tools so that I could live with all the consequences.

I had to adjust to living outside of my peer group, with few connections to people my own age.

I also had to accept that I would always be isolated, and develop tools to deal with that.

I feel that I am quite good at living with isolation now, and I rarely even think about it.


If I had rebelled against my immaturity, and refused to accept it, the chances are I would never have overcome mental illness.

But by accepting this aspect of my character, then I began to move away from mental illness.


Q.  Is there anything positive to say about immaturity?

I am unlikely to become jaded or weary.  To me, the World looks new and colourful.  I essentially see the World as a child sees it.

I am always learning, and that in itself is good.  I never feel that I ‘know it all’, as it is obvious that I don’t.



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