When I was at school, I read about a kitten.

Then we moved on to the reading books.

I got stuck at Book Four.  I seemed to be there for ever, doing the exercises, learning the vocabulary.


I could see other children on Book 11.

We had a reading group.  I had to read out my page, and I could not say or learn to spell ‘adventure’.

One of my first big words.


At home, I read easily, but ignored all the big words.

Louisa M. Alcott used big words, like ‘determined’, but I skipped over that and went on with the story.

‘Determined’, ‘adventure’,..


I went to Secondary School, and we learned Latin.  English began to make sense, because I now knew all lot of the words came from Latin.

I did not understand Latin, but my understanding of English went through a revolution.


‘Advenire’ had led to ‘adventure‘.

Other words came from Greek.  If a word has ‘ph’ then that is an indicator that it has come from the  Greek.

Biology became easier.  The difficult medical terms were not so scary after all, they came from the original Greek.


I moved through my teenage years, and other teenagers began to use big words to put me down,.. a habit, I notice, employed by adults.



It becomes ‘pretentious’, another new word.

A big word, but the best I can find to describe a dinner party.

Now I never attend dinner parties.

I don’t have enough big words.


I begin to distrust big words, weed them out, only use small words.

They are the bricks in the wall, I know what they mean.


Simple language becomes my goal.




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