Arthur Miller spoke about the fear when Hollywood faced the accusations of Communism.

I have read about how Miller stood up to the Committee.

I know he was refused a passport, and placed under pressure.


But he stood up to this terror.

I admire that, because I also have known fear.


I experienced stigma, and this exposed me to real fear.

I knew fear, so that I could not sleep, and would stare into the darkness.


This is the closest I have ever come to terror, and I really understand how a person can become paralysed.


I do not know how Miller found the courage to take a stand.

Miller had witnessed poverty as a child.  This had an impact on him, and he did grow up with doubts when it came to Capitalism.

These doubts seemed to surface in his writing, which caused suspicion.


I heard an interview on the Radio.  He was an old man then, looking back.  He found some of the theatre funny.  For example, when he went to court, Marilyn Monroe came with him.  Everyone got excited and tried to be photographed standing beside her, and forgot the real reason they were there.


I know he was one of the few men who found the courage to take a stand.  Other actors, directors were so afraid of the Committee.  I have often wondered how he found this courage.


I admit, I have faced intimidation myself, and I have not found the courage.

I have been terrified of my abusers, and sometimes refused to leave the house for months.


Reading about Arthur Miller gave me courage.  I found out that courage is contagious.

When I read about how he fought back, I feel hope that I will overcome my own fears one day.




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