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Dysfunctional families,..

Sometimes I miss World events, have not caught up with the News.

I live as part of a dysfunctional family, and with the drama at home,

I often miss the news.


I have yearned to be part of a functional family.  When I encounter them, I steal ideas.

They spend time together on a Saturday, they do Jigsaws.

The children go to bed at a regular time.


I wonder, what is their secret?  What do they know?

I know that people might say, that all families are dysfunctional to some degree, but I feel I have to challenge that assumption.  I visited other families, and they seem to drift along, getting things done, with very little drama or anxiety.


They tackle life with a sense of humour, whereas in my family, people tend to be serious, and attempt intellectual, profound statements.

Everything is dramatic.

‘I have to do the dishes,’ is said in a tone worthy of Shakespeare.


I noticed we are different in that way.  Other families just do the dishes.  They even have a rota, taped to the fridge.  They are organised.


Organised, methodical, having a routine,..I admire families who live this way.  I think it can really help to get through the week.


I also follow Oprah, who will talk about these things sometimes.  She came from a troubled background, and I think she has a good understanding that children need stability at home.

When she does those shows, I try to borrow ideas.

Routine is encouraged, everyone has their chores and duties.




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