I suffer from PTSD, which began when I recovered from Depression.


I feel that it was a poor trade, one for the other.

Initially, I tried to heal myself, but I now feel that some wounds are too deep.

Mint & Gold 10


At times, they rise to the surface of my mind, and I have to deal with them.

It has been that way since Christmas.  I have relived certain instances from the past.


Flashbacks can occur, and then I relive the experience.  I also blame myself for failing to protect myself.

I wonder why other people do this, how can they inflict this type of harm on another human being?


I wish I could find a way to heal these wounds.   Sometimes, spending time with our cats can help.  Also, sitting in the garden.

Certain books and films have helped.

I watch videos on You Tube about PTSD.


I like painting, and I use colours to combat the darkness.

I listen to ‘The Lord of the Rings.’

At the end, Frodo asks Gandalf if he will ever find peace.

Gandalf says that perhaps some wounds are too deep for healing.


I hope that is not the case.  I hope one day that we will all find healing.



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