Ribbons and Threads

The lesson God taught me,..

Foundling Museum


I listen to the Radio, and one day a story came on about the Foundling Hospital in the 1700s.

Women came with their babies, but hoped to return later.

They left behind some fabric to identify the baby as their own.


They hoped they could find work, or marry someone, and offer the baby a home.

I thought of these women out in the World, desperately trying to find work, of these small children growing up with the promise that they were loved, that someone might come, and it might be today.


God spoke to me through the story.  He told me about my family.  He said that we are connected by ribbons and threads.

Sometimes I had wanted to leave, to move away, to have my own life.

But He told me families belong together, even if it is hard.


Those families in the 1700s wanted to be together, but they were parted by poverty.

They did not have a choice.


He told me I did have a choice.  I had to stay, and those ties must not be broken.


Even though I come from a dysfunctional family, one in which mental illness and alcoholism are prevalent, He wants me to stay and do what I can to help.




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