Causes of Depression

One of the reasons I became ill is.. I am immature, less mature than my peers.

Questions you may have:

Q. Why not just find out about Immaturity, learn what to do about it, and carry on with your life?

A.  It is not an isolated problem.

Immaturity leads to other issues.

Q.  What other issues?

A.  Dependency for one.

Immature people have a high rate of dependency.

Also, I have fallen behind my peer group.  My peer group have left me behind, leading to a new problem, that is isolation.


Isolation lead directly to Depression, as I just could not handle being alone all day.

No-one talked to me in school.  I had no friends at the weekend, or in the holidays.


Q. I understand the above, but what other issues might you have if you are immature?

A.  It can be difficult for people in my family to get married.

Being married is an adult occupation.  It is a hard post, even if you are happy.

My family have struggled in the married state.

This can have an impact on the children, who have to compensate the two adults who are struggling.

I had to do the housework, as my Mum would be depressed for days.

Otherwise the house would not have been tidy.


I had to look after my siblings who looked to me for comfort as I was the eldest.

I had to cheer my Dad up if he had argued with my Mum.


Q. I understand, but was there nobody who could help?

A.  Not really.  This is because Counsellors do not recognise immaturity, nor are they trained in this.

I was simply told to ‘grow up’, when my Therapists realised that I was immature for my age.

Q.  Does immaturity run in families?

A.  I think it may.  This appears to be the case in my own family.

We seem to be in a cycle of immaturity, isolation, and depression,..also alcoholism as some of my relatives have turned to drink to escape the depression or isolation.


I would like to change things, help the people in my family to be happier.  Perhaps if we understand ourselves better, things might improve.

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