advice I would give to my 21 year old self..


Dear Leah,

you are going into Recovery.

This has happened to you almost by accident.

You do not know what this is.

You tell you yourself that you have had a breakdown, and you will believe that for the next decade.


Finally, you will get fed up feeling the way that you do, so you will try to find out things.

You go to the Internet to do this.

This is your first time on the Internet, as you prefer books.

But today, you are desperate for answers.

Your sister leaves for work.

You go to her flat, make a coffee, and sit down at her computer.

You begin to type things in.

You are in front of that computer until lunchtime.


Finally, you will realise that you are in Recovery.


You go into the kitchen. Your  sister is having lunch, and you say..

'I think I am getting better.'


After a while you will understand that other people are talking about ‘Recovery’, and that there is a community of those people.

They have blogs, accounts on Instagram, and they share stories.

Your parents buy you your own computer.

Now every morning, you click on those blogs.

You are grateful for these stories.

You begin to make sense of what it really means to get better from Depression.


As you read their stories, you will see yourself.


Recovery will cost all that you have.

It is slow, and you will feel every moment.

Recovery is slow for you, but it is different for everyone.


I need you to hang in there and keep going.

I do not want you to fall back, and become ill again.

So, I am asking you,..keep going.




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