I made a good Recovery in terms of a clinical recovery.

This means that my mind is clear, I can process thoughts, I can plan my day.

My concentration has improved, as has my memory.


But I did not make a social recovery.

This has caused me a lot of suffering.

I could not create a life for myself outside of my family unit.

I have no friends, and am isolated.

Mint & Gold 10


But this is not really a problem, and I could adjust to that.

My problem is stigma, and the abuse that I suffer.

I can expect to be shouted at, insulted.

People have flown into a rage when they hear that I have a mental health history.

They have followed me around the town.

They point me out to others.


I have stopped making friends, as I will lose them at some point in the future anyway.


When people leave, they do this in a variety of ways.

This can add to the hurt, so it is better to avoid making new acquaintances.


I am out of practice.

If I need to talk to someone, then I do struggle.


I am glad that I made a clinical recovery, but I wish it had gone better for me socially.


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