One of the things I regret is,..

I feel that I gave in to intimidation, and allowed certain people to act in a destructive way in my life, especially during my twenties.


But I forget how fearful I was at the time.

I also forget that I did try to change the situation for the better.

But the persons concerned had made the decision to intimidate me, and I was unable to change their decision or behaviour.


I look back and blame myself, but there was only so much I could do.



I think now I should have contacted a sollicitor.

Would it have made a difference?

The truth is,.. I do not know.

I did not do that.


Perhaps a sollicitor’s letter would have stopped the persecution, or possibly they would only have laughed, and thrown the letter in the bin.

I will never really know.


Basically, my twenties were a nightmare of persecution.

I was catapulted back into Depression time after time by the stress.

I would spend months dealing with intimidation.

It took a lot of courage to leave the house.  When I did, the trouble would start up again.


I now know what it means to face prejudice, to be intimidated.

I wish I had managed the situation better, but perhaps it is enough that I survived.


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