(This is a post which explores my own thoughts, and also talks about religion.)

Mint & Gold 2


I prayed to God as a child, and He usually answered.

I had answers to prayer, but that all stopped when I became a teenager.

As soon as I got to 13 years old, the prayers fell on empty ears.

God had ceased to listen, to hear me.


As an adult, I have read Catholic literature, and this does happen.

There are times when we feel abandoned by God.

We are reminded that Jesus called out on the cross,..’My Lord!  Why have you abandoned me?’

God had left Jesus.  He could no longer feel his Father’s presence.


This can happen to us too.

Prayer begins to feel pointless.


I feel that there were times when I could not feel God near me, terrible things happened, and He allowed them to happen.

He made me endure these things alone.


I still do not know why.

So why do I still pray?

One reason is habit.

The second is loneliness.

I spend a lot of time alone, and I like to feel that I can talk to God.

The third reason is perhaps prayer will work in some way, just not in the way that I hope.


I cannot explain what happened between myself and God in my teenage years.

But I still continue to pray.

I no longer expect or demand an answer.




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