(This is a post which expresses my own thoughts, not opinions,.. just musings.  It also mentions religion.)

Dostoevsky said that we will meet God whether we believe in Him or not.

I feel that I have already met Him.  I did not have to die first.

I met Him in small snippets.


But I met two people,.. I met God and I met myself,..or rather, the person He meant me to be,..the ideal version of myself.


I did not mind meeting God.  I discovered His concern for our souls, how hard He works to reach us.

But I did mind meeting myself.


When I met myself, I could see all my failures.

I was meant to be a background person.

I wanted recognition.  People who work in the background are not noticed, but they can accomplish a lot of good.


But I craved recognition.  I wanted people to know if I had helped someone, and to appreciate me.


This meant that I wasted time wanting to be noticed, and hoping for praise.


I also feel that it was my role to help the people around me to reach their full potential.

An agent will do this for an actor, and they will receive no recognition either, but they know that they believed in the actor and promoted them.

This is a great thing to do for someone.

A teacher might do this, or a parent.  I believe that I might have helped people in this way too, but again I spent time focused on myself.


In the film ‘Beaches’, the two girls meet.  When they grow up, they are still friends.

Bette Midler becomes a famous singer, but deep down she knows that her friend had a lot to do with that.  Her friend loved her and believed in her.  She was content to stay in the shadows, and never sought recognition.


I think that this is a powerful story, and I could see how miraculous true friendship is.


Not everyone will be famous like Bette Midler, or have their time in the sun, but we can help other people to get there.





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