Meeting people


Sometimes I meet friends from the past, and they will say things like,..’I bought a new house!’


With mental illness it is very difficult to achieve things.  I focus a lot on surviving, on avoiding an argument or self-pity.

But I might achieve very little in a given year.


I need to be glad for people when they do achieve, but understand that our lives are different.

They do not have an illness.

They have opportunities that I will not have.


I just ignore all this.  I smile at my friends, and say ‘Great!’

Then I move on.  I walk my own path.


It would not be good to compare my own life to the lives of others.

I need to understand that illness has an impact no matter what we do.


When I cleared envy from my life, I felt clean and free.

I now focus on my own tasks, and I live and let live.




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