The following post will discuss the role of treats in mental illness, and will contain my own musings.


Is it important to have treats in mental illness?

I feel that it is.  Treats like chocolate can enhance our mood.


I feel that people avoid treats when they are mentally unwell, and it is because we feel that we do not deserve this.  I have felt this way many times.  Mental illness has made me hate myself and feel ashamed.  I did not want to give myself a treat.  I felt like doing the opposite.

I had caused so much worry to my parents, so I should be punished.

I feel that I am not alone in feeling this way, and a lot of mentally ill people will resist the idea of a treat.


I like a bubble bath, hot drinks, and a movie.  I also like to buy books.

If I spend money on myself, then I can feel guilty.

But I have learned that a treat can help to stabilise my mood, and change my day from a bad day to a good day.

I have learned that it is hard to manage depression without regular treats and rewards.

If I reward myself in some way, then I can feel my anxiety becoming less.



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