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This is a post about isolation, and will discuss my own thoughts and musings.

Is loneliness an inevitable part of the human condition?


People are social animals.  We need a community,  a tribe.  We need to feel that we are within arms reach of companionship, assistance.


I feel that loneliness will come into our lives at some point, no matter what we do.

We will all face this at some point.

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I believe that we all deal with loneliness in different ways.

I could not deal with being alone when I was a teenager.

But I got better at this as I got older.

I still spend vast amounts of time alone, but I can deal with it.


I use this time to get things done, like redecorating.

I also like to read and study.

I like to watch movies. I  like to sit in the garden.


However, I do rely on my Counsellor, whom I see every week.

I rely on the Charity, and would struggle without their support.

So I cannot deal with Depression alone, without assistance.


It is difficult to face illness alone, so we reach out.  We try to tell someone, to find a friend who will listen to us.


I feel that loneliness is part of my life journey.  Being alone has taught me a lot.

Sometimes God needs us to be alone so that He can talk to us.

How could He reach us through the noise otherwise?

It could be part of our relationship with God to have times alone.


I feel that God called me to be alone, so He could talk to me, and reach me.

He wanted me to spend more time in prayer, and this was part of His plan.

A plan that I had to submit to.  Sometimes I wish I had a circle of friends, that I could receive invitations, and meet friends for coffee. But I also know that God had a plan for me, and that included times of isolation.




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