The place we are

When I came out of mental illness, I described myself as ‘Broken’.

This seemed to me to be a terrible state to find myself in.

I wanted to be made whole again.  I wanted to be fully well.

I had a belief that I needed to be  a whole person before I could function.



Recently, I have had to face the fact that my brokenness was part of the price that I paid.

I was afflicted with mental illness.  I challenged this illness, and I defeated it.

But I paid a price.  Along the way, parts of me were damaged.

I feel like a soldier who returns from War.  He won the War, but he knows that he is broken.


Being broken is not pleasant.  But it is the way that I am.

Being broken feels similar to grief.

I am trying to come to terms with it.

If I turn to God, then I know that God can use anyone, and hopefully, He can still use me in my brokenness.


The second place I turn to is Art.  If I see a Mosaic, then I think,..that is like me, and perhaps a beautiful picture can be made from these broken pieces.

Perhaps one day God will heal me, but in the meantime I will try to live with my brokenness.





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