Tuesday was very hot.  I had to go to class, so I had to choose my outfit.

I do not like to show much skin, so that rules out short dresses and shorts.

However, it was such hot day, I was tempted to break the rules and attempt a short dress.  I own those dresses, but I always wear them with trousers.



I opted for black trousers with a white T-shirt.

I had no jacket because there was no possibility of rain or a chilly evening.



I came home, and tried to cool down.

Wednesday was a relief as it rained and was cool.


Dealing with hot weather is difficult for me.

The main reason is I prefer to cover up.  I am too shy to go out in a crop top, or  something which would keep me cool all day.

I do won such things, but I always wear a T-shirt underneath.


I do not like to show my legs.

They are so pale I would have to spend an hour applying false tan, and I always get that wrong.

I look orange, and patchy.


So I have to figure out how to get through hot days.


If I was not so shy, and I had naturally tanned legs, I would probably try a short skirt or shorts.  But I will not dress like that even in the garden, where no-one can see me.


I sit there and worry the neighbours will pop their heads over the fence and start chatting.

I worry they will say,..

‘How pale your legs are?  Why don’t you try false tan?  Have you tried the mitt?  I have a mitt.  It’s great, really fast. and looks natural!’


All of the above are lies anyway.  All false tan looks false.

I have tried everything on the market, including Clarins.  

Clarins is opposed to be one of the best, and ‘golden’.  But I still looked orange.

Also, the rest of me is pale.  So I have tanned legs, but my arms are pale.

I can’t use tan on my arms, that was a mistake I will never repeat.

All the lotion settles on the elbows, so the elbows turn orange, and the rest of the arm is pale and patchy.


It is best to wear a long dress and stay under a tree, with a bottle of water.


So far, the morning is cool.  I hope it stays that way.



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