When I read Pollyanna, I was charmed by this book.

I immediately saw myself in this role.  I could also touch lives in a positive way.  I carried this story within me for years, but reality can change so much.

Mint & Gold 2

The reality is I did not get the chance to spread love and companionship as Pollyanna did.

I struggled to make friends, and now I have no friends at all.

I know I have made little difference to anyone’s life.


I understand that Pollyanna’s story might seem silly to some.  I also understand how unrealistic such a story is.  I was young when I read this story.


Now I am older, and I have a better understanding of life and people.

Real life is very different from that story.

Pollyanna was making a difference in a small town.  She was not asked to go into the World with her gifts.  In a way, she was conducting a controlled experiment.

In the wider World, other factors come into play.


A day does not pass in which I wish I could make a difference.  I always feel a twinge of disappointment when I know I never did make a difference.

I have no contact with anyone outside of my own family.


My circle is limited.  I try to make a difference at home, and at least I can invest in those closest to me.

But I did not spread any colour or warmth outside of that circle.



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