This is  a post about hobbies, and how they can help us to manage Depression.

Patchwork has been a help to me  when I had Depression in the past.

I like to work with the colours, the different shapes.


I do find Patchwork to be hard work, and tedious.  It can take  a long time to finish a project.

But Patchwork can be taken on holiday, in the car.

We can work at it everywhere.


Some people invest in the  special needles and thread to help the projects to be easier.

But any thread, material will do.

That is the joy of Patchwork.  It is a way to use up old thread, materials, anything that failed to be part of another project.


When I finish a project I feel a real sense of achievement.

Patchwork can tell a story.

The story could be about a holiday or friendship.

Some people have asked family to write messages on scraps which are included in the patches.

I like to buy magazines about Patchwork.

Everyone has a story to tell about how a certain Quilt came into being.

Often people have had a loss, and the Patchwork project was their way to make sense of their feelings.

Some people use Spring colours to denote a new beginning.  Others will use the favourite colours of the person they have lost.

Mint & Gold 8

Each work was made with love and even tears.


I like to look at the pictures. I  find it very soothing.

Some quilts are hundreds of years old.

Some are on display in Museums, and I imagine how they were made so long ago.

Now Patchwork is created all over the World, not only in America.

In the East, with their love of minimalism and detail, they create intricate works of Art.




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