What is the difference?

What is the difference between someone who lives with mental illness, and one who does not?

(This post will contain my own musings, largely gleaned from personal experience.  Other people might feel differently about mental illness, as they will have had different experiences.)

Mint & Gold 8

I have experienced stigma for many years, and I now know that most people have no idea what mental illness really is.


One difference is we must manage our emotions.

Other people fly through their day, they scarcely recognise how they are feeling, and can fix it quickly anyway.


I am amazed that they can live this way.

I cannot.  I have to invest time managing my emotions.

I have to make sure they do not get out of hand.  I have to think of the impact I have on those around me.

I have to spend time cooling down, calming down, distracting myself.

This is time consuming, and it takes a lot of resources.


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