The roof outside my window used to be black.

Recently, it was reinforced.

But the surface was changed.  It is now grey.


As a result, a lot of light is reflected from the roof into my room.

When it rains, puddles are formed, and even more light is reflected.



I removed my curtains.

Then I painted the dusty surround, and removed half of my ornaments.

More light..



This has resulted in a life-change.  Even though this must seem such a small issue.

But I have spent the last month with greater light, brightness than I am used to.


Does this affect my tendency to Depression?


There is so much light.


Before this, I huddled in my room, adjusted the curtains, and even blocked the light with hordes of ornaments.

I wanted to block out the World.  I wanted to be cosy.

Depression can be like that.  We need a safe place,  a cave.


Now I am doing the direct opposite.

The window is bare.

Light bounds in, unfettered.




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