What is the difference

between a person who has Depression, and one who does not?


The answer might be,..ablutions.


It is difficult for me to get up, to get ready.

When I waken, I am hit with an avalanche of thoughts.

I must get past these to face the day.

As I wash my hair, brush my teeth, I try to encourage myself.

I drink strong coffee, spread chocolate on bread.

A healthy breakfast is not much good to me, I need stimulants.


I have to talk myself into getting up.

I put on DVDs.  I play music.

I read affirmations.

I promise myself a treat.


I go into the town, have breakfast in a cafe.

I laugh at the kitten.


It is noon before I have come to terms with being awake, and facing the day, which will involve managing an illness.


I imagine other people just get up, shower and jump in the car.



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