This is a post which asks the question:

Does it matter what type of personality we have, when we become depressed?

This post contains my own thoughts and musings.


I think that it does.

Take myself.  I was a shy teenager.

My therapists tried to change my personality.  They wanted me to be more outgoing, to have friends.

They meant this for the best, but they put me under a lot of pressure.



I came to the conclusion that I was not good enough as I was, that I needed to change, to become more attractive.


I now know that I was never going to change.  I would try to adjust to the demands of life and social situations, but my personality could not fundamentally change,.. because we cannot change.

We can work at ourselves, and improve.

But who we are does not change.


I feel that being shy is all right.  This is who I am.

It is not such a big deal really.

I try to talk to people, and if I feel too shy for company, then I chill.

I don’t get all tense and upset about it.

Other people are extroverts, and they can chat easily to people.

They are lucky, but we are all different.

If we were all the same, the World would be a boring place.




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