There are alcoholics in my family.

Is it true, that there are problems which are connected to this issue?



There is the repeat scenario.

When I was a child my Mother would send me to stand outside various pubs,

‘in case he comes out of that one.’

My cousin was drinking.

I look back now and understand that she should have protected me, kept her child far away from Public Houses.

Why did she do it?

It was what she knew.  She was repeating her own childhood.


So now we believe that people repeat their own childhood because this is what they know, they remember.

It does not matter that this could be harmful to the next generation.

It is repeated because it provides a feeling of safety, I have been here before.

Anyway, this will teach my child to care about other people.

‘I am raising you to be a Christian, to show some charity.’

It is justified, explained in some way.



Now I know for sure it was the wrong call.


My Aunt never drank, and does not drink now.

But she will demand things.  If it not does manifest, she will become aggressive.

She acts like an alcoholic, though she has never drank.

I wonder is it true that everyone in a family will manifest similar behaviours, even if they do not all drink?


I do not know the answer to that question, but it is something that I wonder about.

Where does alcoholism begin and where does it end?







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