Somehow this has survived.

I am a romantic person.

I do not know how.

My parents’ marriage was not happy.  They discussed divorce, and went through periods when they would not speak.



I have seen the worst side of human nature.

Things like crime, litter can remove any notions of Romance.

The World we live in,..dirty, damaged can affect, even poison how we view our existence.


Then why am I still a romantic person?

Why does this survive within me?

Why do I like Weddings, wedding dresses?

Why do I watch Romantic movies?


I never met anyone, and I doubt I will now.

I always dreamed I would meet someone who would understand me, and I would experience a meeting of souls, tenderness.

But I live my life alone.


I also had bad experiences when I did date.

In Therapy I was forced into a close relationship with strangers whether I liked it or not.

I did not choose to talk to these people, I had to because I had an illness.

I lost all privacy, and now I doubt I could create a healthy relationship anyway.

But I still love Romantic  stories, romantic bedrooms, lace and flowers.




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