To sew a patchwork quilt

In an effort to manage my tendency to Depression over the years, I have learned to work with my hands.


It is based on a belief/myth that I adhere to,..that practical people are less likely to become mentally ill.  If a person is imaginative, cerebral, there is a greater likelihood of mental illness taking hold.

I do not know if this is true, but I wonder if I had been a practical person with my feet on the ground, would I have escaped Depression, or at least the worst of the illness?

I was someone who preferred to read books.

But I learned to work with my hands, and this has stood me in good stead.

I have a sense of a accomplishment when I make something.


I feel I can be useful to my family as a cook and housekeeper.

I feel less likely to fall into the grip of Depression.

That is my personal experience, and may not translate to others.

But I suspect that my natural disposition had a part to play in my own experience of Depression.



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