Falling in love, and other pastimes

This is a post which asks the question,..are there different types of insanity?

I remember War and Peace.  Pierre fell in love, but when he was older he looked back on this time as a time of madness.



I  thought that was interesting, as I have fallen in love myself.

It could be described as a form of insanity.  The only sense of reality I had was about myself.

I could see my own flaws very clearly.

I doubted that the other person would love me.  I was right to doubt this, as I was not the type of girl they were looking for.  I was too quiet and introspective.

I had no sense of reality about the other person.  I saw them as perfect.  They had no flaws.

When I look back now, they did have flaws, but I loved them so much I did not see that.



I fell in love a few times, and I think with people who possessed great beauty.

But that beauty blinded me.

There is a wish that the person will love you back, and a terrible disappointment when they do not.


After these feelings pass, we return to reality and sanity.


I remember coming back down to Earth, and glad that I had done so.

This has led me to believe that there are different forms of insanity.

I know how it feels to be depressed, and I also know how it feels to fall in love.




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