What is the difference?

This is a post which discusses –

what is the difference between someone who has mental illness, and one who does not?

As with all my posts, this  will outline only my own thoughts,

and is not meant to be taken as Gospel.

I only mean to discuss certain things I have noticed, one of which is..

a sense of humour.



When I spend time with those who do not have mental illness,

I notice how they laugh at life.

They are not flippant or irresponsible.

But they will have a laugh,  and try to lighten the load.


I feel that I took life very seriously, and would dwell on things too much.

If I laughed at circumstances,

then I found that the load became easier to carry.


If I dwell on things, dramatise them, then I can feel overwhelmed.

But having a sense of humour can help me.

I have watched a comedy to help me, and have turned to Disney movies, or will watch a Romantic Comedy.

This gives a me a break from being too serious.





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