Yesterday it was very hot.  I did not need a jacket.

I went out in short sleeves.

I wore my white jeans with my tan boots, and a lacy top.


I needed the boots as I wanted to walk.

The jeans are not heavy denim like my blue jeans.

It is too hot for trousers.

I could wear a Summer dress, but it involves work to put that look together.

So for now, I build my look around my two pairs of white jeans.


The girl in the picture is wearing jeans from Next.


I am addicted to..




When I first began blogging, I did not know what Clipart was.

I needed Digital papers which I planned to use as a background.

So I joined Creative Market.

It was then that I was introduced to Clipart.


What is Clipart?

Clipart is a drawing or painting.  This can be created by hand, then scanned to a computer.

It may then be enhanced in some way, and made available for sale.


For example, this is a watercolour rendering of a sewing machine.

I prefer a  watercolour above all clipart, though I have bought a variety.


This is a pretty sketch of Prague.

I will often buy a collection, or you can buy one image at a time.

A collection can depict a miniature World.


In the image above, there are a collection of drawings.

I purchased the file, and each image was available as a separate item.


The language..

The language of Clipart is quite technical, and I do not always understand it.

But I do not need to understand in order to buy a pretty design.

If I want to, I can change the image in Photoshop.

Artists do not like it if we sell their work, but it can be changed for personal use.


Would you like to create your own Clipart?

Yes, I would like to one day.

I would like to create my own drawings, and scan them into a computer.



I usually enjoy good physical health.  But this has changed as I became older.

For the past ten years I have had to deal with issues around my physical well-being.



I always approach this issue with a sense of astonishment, as it was not an issue in my youth.

I have lived with mental illness since I was a teenager.


I have had to spend all Sunday morning dealing with a minor back injury.


I had to minimise the pain, and try to find the correct exercise.

I want to be pain-free and mobile.

This is time-consuming, but I found that hot drinks have helped.

I rested between efforts, and I have gained back some mobility.